Tips To Adjusting To New Environment

Hello guys I hope you’re having a productive week? Exactly that was the word I had all in my head while I was packing all my things for school (University of Ilorin),the change of environment made me a little bit unsettled and disoriented. The most amazing thing was I rarely find places to take blog shoots, the few fascinating places are the mall,campus and a few restaurant and

yes it’s amazing because I wasn’t expecting it to be that way and the one that surprised  me more was going to a hotel for pictures and I was told to pay a non refundable fee of  seventeen thousand naira even after I told them I had no plan to use their room just the reception and compound they still insisted. One of the things fashion bloggers go through tho ,a part of me was beginning to feel uncomfortable and I was having regrets already but then it’s no problem to leave your comfort zone to get what you want

. Ilorin is not bad though maybe because I’m very good at adapting to any situation but the weather was really harsh, sometimes it gets so Sunny after lectures that I start to think if school is really worth it. I noticed that there is hardly an upper middle class in kwara state, most of the residents are stupendously rich or unbelievably poor. Most

kwaran’s are religious workers, civil service workers, drivers, bike or tricycle riders and small business owners while a few are company/firm workers. Kwara state is a peaceful state, armed robbery and highway robbery is almost nonexistent . I’ll share 5 tips on adjusting to a new environment.
1)Meet new people ;This make new friends thing is important when moving to a new city alone. The best way to make adaptation to a new environment more fun is to meet new people and hopefully become friends with some of them.

2)Explore, explore and explore ;The more you know your way around, the more comfortable you will feel.

3)Be polite to everyone; The cleaner you ignore now may someday be your boss. Courtesy will pay you back with rich rewards.

4)Listen for  opportunities to connect; For instance I’m a make up artist and nail technician I tell my roommates every time and they help me find clients too, I am also a face and fashion model but modeling opportunities are scarce in Ilorin so when my roommates bring up topics concerning this I always tell them to hook me up with any agency. Don’t wait to be asked about yourself,it’s your job to establish rapport.

5) Learn as much as you can about your new environment.

Wrap top -from a store in eko market
Pants -Store in Ilorin
Glasses- Thrifted
Shoes- mummy’s

You can make anything look good!

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