Exploring Lagos 101 +trip to Tarkwa Bay

I had plans to explore places in Lagos during holidays and I did exactly that, now I’ll be sharing how the Tarkwa Bay adventure went , so a friend decided to go with me,we met at CMS, we got snacks and drinks  and also boarded a boat for 300 naira ,I was a little bit afraid and excited when the journey on water started, we finally got to Tarkwa Bay after 30 minutes, but it was really hard to locate the beach, while finding our way around I gave some school kids  sweet (goodies) I actually got them for myself but the kids were so friendly and beautiful,will you believe that they greeted us , i mean we were strangers and when I was their age I would run away from anyone I didn’t know, so we asked for directions and boom! I could count the number of people that were there ,maybe because I went on a Wednesday but then it wasn’t all bad, we rented chairs for 500 each and the tent was 1000 per head but it wasn’t in our budget so we moved our chairs away from the tent to enjoy nature, the view was really great, my friend and I would not stop taking pictures to the extent that my phone started misbehaving   , we decided to move around and someone offered to take us around willingly and also took our pictures with his phone but after everything my friend deleted them you know you really can’t trust anyone, I spoke to the fisherman about teaching me to fish and swim too but it was getting late already unfortunately for me, I couldn’t and I feel really good about myself for talking to strangers without thinking twice . I saw a bike man earlier too which I told I was interested in riding but he wanted to go get something and he told us to call him, I forgot and when I remembered to it was late already , while packing all our stuff we saw a man playing guitar too I’ve always wanted to learn that so the next time I come around, I’m learning how to swim, fish , ride a bike and play the guitar.

Beach Essentials 


2)A novel or magazine 

3)head set or ear plugs

4)MP3 (optional)

5)Food and drinks 


 Please always explore and have fun, it’s great to reward yourself too and just take you out, remember you only live once.

 Do you want to go to Tarkwa Bay anytime soon? Please do well to drop your comments 

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  1. Of course I’d love to go
    In deep thoughts imagining I’m there…. 😀😀😀😀

  2. How much is the gate fee… Please reply me via email “bowiz2012@gmail.com”… Will be waiting for you reply. Thanks

  3. Must have been an interesting journey
    And the pictures are lit too and also the beach essentials when i went to beach i didnt even take all that it was just sight seeing and i couldnt go near the water cos of my dad’s phobia for water
    This is my favorite cos i love beaches and someday soon im going to sneak out to one lol

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