Reasons why i’ll be a multi potentialite

Hello guys i’m Struggling with the consistency thing but yooo don’t you feel there’s an improvement? I post every week now and that’s impressing,isn’t it? I made people choose between “reasons why i’ll be a multi potentialite and my recently thrifted items” on my insta stories and today’s post had the highest votes, more reasons why you should follow me on Instagram Here

Who is a multi potentialite? A multi potentialite is a person who has different interests and creative pursuits in life.

All along I have always felt like I have more than one calling because I haven’t stuck to any particular field, I always get something to catch my fancy,cool right?

I mean multi tasking is necessary and it makes me happy and fulfilled . But this could be overwhelming sometimes because I want to put in the hardworking but goals keep changing as nothing interest me for long,this moment am doing this another moment am doing the other. I just love to start or create things,it’s so exciting and it’s amazing when I look back over my life and see how many things I have done . I just believe nothing ever goes to waste,the skills you’ve learnt will definitely help in future 

I’ll love to be a multi potentialite because it’s a means to meet a lot of different people due to my interests

i have learnt that multi potentiality can be the key to becoming a millionaire, multi potentialities do great things with the right tools and mindset.

I realised that the steps you take every day will make you understand how you’ve covered some distance,especially when you have so many things you would like to do, write down your goals and desires and start with them. The more the list grows,the more you grow, never give up on your interests.

i know a lot of people have trouble with finding the perfect thing you’re good at,don’t pressure yourself,let’s face it, life is constantly changing and so are we

i paired stripes and prints and it was looking really good,remember you can make anything look good without breaking your bank account

Pants; thrifted

Belt; thrifted

Bag & Prints jacket; mummy’s

Slippers; Thrifted

Straw bag; Got that for 300 naira on my visit to lekki art and crafts market

  1. Do you ever think you’re a multi potentialite? Would you ever pair stripes and pattern?

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  1. This is the first time I’m hearing the word multi potentialite but I relate to the post because I want to do so many things and achieve so many goals that it scares me at times but I always reaffirm myself because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Nice post.

    1. The first time I heard you I had to research to know everything about it,the world needs more of you girlllll you can do more and the sky is not your limit

  2. I’m definitely a multipotentialite but the major challenge is the inability to complete a task before another set of interest gets one’s attention. I’ll love to have views on that. Good work dear, I’m proud of you.

  3. Stripes and pattern? Definitely but it depends…this is my favourite blog post. No doubt that the key to actually becoming successful is to be a multipotentialite and you know as “creatives” we always have different areas of interest from big a blogger to loving the art of writing modelling photography modelling and all

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