Introducing Smokies Catalogue

I have learnt over time that when there is no growth in whatever you seem to be doing ,it’s either that particular thing is not for you or you’re sticking to just a way of doing that particular thing. Blogging started last year( August 20,2017) with smookiekinssite.WordPress. com and here I am writing on my own site *Shines teeth*

You guys have no idea how happy I am.I want to thank everyone that were there when I needed them even when I was far away from consistency,you know when school worked I felt I was going to lay my hands on anything (even the bible says lay your hands on anything you can because you don’t know what might make you rich or famous)

but i never knew it was just going to exhibit the hidden madness in me,waking up early so I would be able to sit down in class,sitting in class and waiting for the lecturer that will never come,wanting to leave the class only to perceive the lecture’s scent that has just breezed in,

roaming around under the sun and thinking if school is really worth it and guyyyysss school just started I still have more years.

But it’s really important we never forget how far we’ve come while we want to better. So for this new site I really want to keep my creative juices flowing, more thought on locations. On the former blog I always posted on the streets and random walls, BORING! I am really hunting for new places to shoot.

We all know how important a black dress is in our closet. Searched the blogs of few of my favorite bloggers and they wrote on why we need a black dress.

By( :A little black dress can never go out of style,it’s a timeless piece.
By( A black dress is always trendy and its one for all.
And for me I’ll say a black dress is a last minute style, I like this one because it’s stretchy and not so simple.

Dress:Thrifted /shoes:Thrifted /Glasses:shopneen (IG:@shop.neen)
Where do you like to take your pictures? And how will you style your black dress? Don’t forget to leave your comments.
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