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Hello guys, how was the holiday ? Oh I forgot the 9-5 team would be resuming tomorrow . I hope you have a great week ahead of you. If you were expecting to see apps for editing photos or insta stories I am sorry this is not the right post. I’ll be telling us my best 5 apps that keeps me on track .

1) PIGGY BANK: I have never been so keen on saving, lord knows I always want to save but no financial discipline, Piggybank is an online savings platform that allows you to manage your finances, it is connected to you bank account in which you set the amount and when it should be deducted , for more info check Here

2) ECHO PRAYER ; We all know it’s so strange when one doesn’t have a connection with God in this type of world, for me I can’t pray for more than 30 minutes, so sad huh, I think I just prefer praises to prayers but echo prayer app has really helped me in such a way that I can now keep a list of my prayers, and also remember to pray for those things when life gets busy, Echo let’s you keep a list of every single one of your prayers and add as many prayers you want, categorize them and even mark prayers as answered so you can see how God is working. Let me share with you how I do mine, most of my lectures were fixed for afternoon time from Mondays to Thursdays so I set 10 minutes each for different prayer before lectures and even after lectures, when the reminder pops up I stop whatever am doing at that moment and I do that every week, so imagine if you pray concerning a particular thing everyday for just a week? No mahn, God answers prayers.

3) QUORA; As a blogger, lifestyle blogger especially, it’s necessary to get knowledge from different sources, quora helps to find answers that google can’t give to me funny yeah? Yes that’s how important it is because people come to quora to ask questions about any subject and share knowledge with others and as a lifestyle blogger I pick frequently asked questions and form a blog post on it, cool ??

4)PINTEREST; As a fashion blogger, pinterest helps me discover everything from style-inspiration,home ideas, this is a must have app for bloggers and brands .It helps one to be more creative and for those struggling with flatlays photography you should check out Pinterest.Follow me on Pinterest Here

5) Reminders App(for Apple users) ; There’s so much to do and it’s no ones fault if I forget to complete a thing or two but reminders helps me to keep track of all life’s to dos when and where I need to do them.

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Which of the apps do you think would be useful to you? Do you want to see more of lifestyle or fashion posts here? Do well to drop your comments

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